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Hello Tina,

Thank you for your email. We absolutely loved our trip and could not have done anything better. Everyone that we met was so very nice. We were joking that we have never met that many nice people in our entire lives. I don't believe I have any video's that I could send but I do have some great photos that I will attach to the email. Thank you so very much for making our trip so easy and enjoyable. Everyone should go to Ireland at least once!

Thank you again,

Brittney Vinals, Duluth, Georgia, USA - Best of Ireland Tour (7 Night)...


Hi Stephanie,

Sorry for the delayed reply to your email!
We must say that we thoroughly enjoyed our 7 nights trekking around Ireland! We saw and did plenty of things while we were there. Your recommendation to stay in the Castle was a great one, it was the best accommodation we stayed in. In saying that, all the accommodation was great and the people running the B&Bs couldn't have been any friendlier.

I've attached a couple of photos that you might find useful for your web site. Most of our photos either don't have any of us in them or are photos of us without much of a background. The photo with me and the farmhouse in the background is the house they used when filming Father Ted. It was a bit of a drive to get there, but as a fan of the show it was worth it for a laugh!

Thanks for all your help with organising our trip. It definitely was one of the highlights of our honeymoon.

Terry Mulkearns

Terry Mulkearns, Bayswater, Western Australia - Scenic South West Ireland Tour (7 Night)...


Hi Tina,

Thank you for checking on us to see how our honeymoon went - it was absolutely perfect! We fell in love with Ireland, and everything went as smoothly as could go with our car and bed and breakfasts. You chose lovely places for us to stay that were clean, in fantastic locations in terms of the sites we wanted to see and had amazing cooks that brought us a full Irish breakfast every morning!

We can't thank you enough for booking this trip for us, and we are recommending your company to all of our friends who want to go to Ireland and are already planning our next trip back for one of our anniversaries. We've also attached 3 pictures for you :)

Warm regards,

Vida and Kurt Sollanek

Vida and Kurt Sollanek, Gainesville, Florida, USA - Best of Ireland Tour (7 Night)...


Hi Tina,

We enjoyed our trip to Ireland immensely. The hotel accommodations were all very nice, including the breakfasts. The locations worked out well, allowing us to walk to some destinations in each town.

One suggestion regarding the car rental: Driving in Ireland was very nerve-wracking, mostly due to the narrow roads (not to mention driving on the "other side" and the roundabouts). We purchased extra insurance, which was a very good idea as I put a large scratch on the side of the car, running into a wall on the Ring of Kerry. We lost the deductible (250 Euros) but it would have been much worse had we not purchased the extra insurance. I would recommend adding that into the car rental cost and giving the customer the option to decline - that way they are at least alerted to the possibility of incurring damage and what it will cost if they do. I am glad that we considered the possibility, but I think others may not. Also, I think the car rental companies should put strip of molding on the doors so that repairing something like a scratch could be done more cheaply. They told us the body work would be expensive as the scratch went across the two doors - but if there had been molding on the door, it would have been much easier and cheaper to repair.

The GPS was very useful. However we were not able to enter the coordinates, which was used for most of the hotel locations. We asked someone at a hotel for help and he wasn't able to enter the coordinates, either. Full addresses for the hotels should be included with the vouchers. We ended up finding the hotels by "trial and error" once in the towns.

I think that's about it for the "ugly". Most of the trip was beautiful and I would recommend your service to others traveling to Ireland.
Attached is a picture of me with the dancers statue in front of the Bru Boru Cultural Centre, near the Rock of Cashel.
Feel free to use it on your website - and let me know if you do.

All the best...Anne Stratton

Anne Stratton, Bethesda, MD, USA - Best of Ireland Tour (12 Night)...



I have been planning to email you; we loved our trip to Ireland. I would come back in a heartbeat. The B&Bs were great although the first B&B was a bit difficult to find even with the GPS; it was worth it though. Truly enjoyed all our hosts. I guess really good directions for those off the beaten path would help since the GPS wants house numbers and they weren’t available. The rental car worked out very well even though our flight was 5 hours late getting in to Dublin and as it was a diesel our fuel costs were low. My husband, David, quickly conquered driving on the left and we had no incidents at all. Some of the roads we travelled were narrow and exciting though. We saw everything we had on our list and more and enjoyed meeting people everywhere we went. Having time to stop and walk through the towns and villages was great. I would not hesitate for a bit to contact you if we were coming over again and have already recommended you to friends.

Thanks again for all your assistance with this wonderful vacation.


(Photos courtesy of Sheila Levy)

Sheila Levy, Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada - Customized Self Drive Tours...


Hi Tina
I have been neglect in writing to you. I have just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP. The itinerary you prepared was great. Your trip planning met our expectations - you made sure we saw the best there was of Ireland. It was just a fantastic holiday- it is a beautiful country and wished we could have stayed longer. The seaweed baths in Strandhill were fabulous and well worth the visit - Galway was amazing and we took a bus tour to Connermera which provided us with a relaxing touring day.

I would highly recommend anyone to use Irish Tourism to book their holiday your service was fantastic. Thanks again.

I am attaching some pictures for you in case they are of interest to you.

Thanks again


Linda Maurer, Burk's Fall, Ontario, Canada - Customized Self Drive Tours...


Hi Tina:
Please excuse my delay in getting back to you regarding our Ireland trip this
It was amazing; the weather was great, the driving went without a hitch and the
Guinness was ice cold. What more can one ask for?

Judy mentioned that there was a slight disappointment in the initial room they
gave us at the House in Killarney (sort of cramped and drab in
appearance) but once we mentioned it to them they moved us to another room
which was great.

The Ballinalacken Castle Hotel was certainly an excellent replacement for the
Doolin Hotel. The hosts could not have been any more obliging; even down to
tour of the castle in the morning. The food there was awesome as well!

As an added note on the food, (which was great everywhere) we had our best meal
in the dining room at the Hotel in Wicklow. We had eaten from the pub menu
there before, but never the dining room. Was certainly worth the slight extra

Your assistance in planning this trip for us has been excellent as always.(this
is the fourth trip that you personally have assisted us with!) I would
certainly recommend Irish Tourism to anyone; and especially Tina O'Connor as an
excellent agent.

You mentioned that you would like either pictures or videos of our trip. We did
not do videos but have lots of pictures. (600 - 700 now that he digital age is
here!!) How many would you like, (I'm not trying to send you all 600?) Is there
a special format that you would like them in?

Thanks again Tina,


John Kavanagh



sorry it has taken so long for me to get back with you. As soon as my wife and I arrived back from Ireland we began the process of moving and we are still settling in at our new place. As for the trip you planned for us I speak for both my wife and myself when I say it was EXCELLENT!!!! Not only was everyone welcoming and helpful but the itinerary you set out for us was perfect. One of the aspects of the trip that we are very glad we ended up doing was staying at bed & breakfasts when available. Not that the hotels we stayed in weren't nice, but the bed & breakfasts gave us a more intimate stay and allowed us find out more about the surrounding areas and culture.

One part of our trip that you recommended that we did not follow was doing a day trip to the Cliffs of Moher. While we did get to see the Cliffs, we only stopped there for about 90 minutes on our way from Killarney to Galway. I would continue to strongly recommend to visitors that they make the Cliffs of Moher a day trip from Galway or another nearby town since the Cliffs really deserve more than 90 minutes in order to "take it all in".

Finally, I would say that the only disappointing part of our trip was Trinity College and the Book of Kells. Trinity College and the Book of Kells as you know are two of the biggest attractions in Dublin, but we felt for the price of admission they were not worth it. The Trinity College tour did not go into as much depth as we had hoped and also did not take us on a tour of inside any of the buildings. As for the Book of Kells, the history of it is very interesting but I think the high price of admission caused my wife and I to raise our expectations so high that there was impossible for the actual exhibit to meet them. Please don't misunderstand me, I think the Book of Kells and Trinity College are worth touring but in my opinion I would put towards the middle or bottom of the priority list while in Dublin.

By the way, I attached five photos from our trip. Hopefully they are what you are looking for and you are able to use them on your website. Again thank you for all the great work you did for us and if there is any way Carmela and I can help your company or future guests to Ireland please let us know.

Very Respectfully,

CPT Michael Bertha

Michael Bertha, Carthage, New York, USA - Self Drive Tours of Ireland...


Hi Stephanie,

First of all, our trip was fantastic. We had no complaints whatsoever. Irish Tourism did a superb job putting everything together for us, and we’ve already recommended you to two other Canadian families that are considering going next year.

I’ve attached a picture of my wife, Karen, and I at the Aran Islands.

Thx so much for a great job!!


Ben Isaacson

Ben and Karen Isaacson, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Best of Ireland Tour (7 Night)...


Hi Tina,

Thanks you for all your efforts with arranging the trip, everything went off smoothly with regards to car hire and accommodation. The accommodation was particularly good. Have attached a few happy snaps - sorry no video.

Thanks again


Gus Lawson

Gus Lawson. Perth, Western Australia - Best of Ireland Tour (10 Night)...


Hi Tina:

The trip to Ireland was just wonderful, All my family including my Mum and brother's family from China really enjoyed the whole trip.

Thank you very much!

attached are two pictures that were taken in Ireland.


Sharon Pratt Fresno California - Best of Ireland Tour (6 Night)...


Shelley and Scott Janke
100 Meadow View Drive
Alma Center

6 Night Best of Ireland Tour

Hi Tina,

It was an awesome trip. Just wonderful. We want to move to Ireland now!!!

Feedback – Only one day in Dublin for that trip. We didn’t want to leave the countryside and thought that we could have done Dublin in one day.

Your directions and recommendations were spot on. We followed a lot of your guide and it was perfect.

The Country House in Killarney was our favorite place to stay. Such nice staff and great place to stay.

Everything was just smooth and we really thank you for a fantastic trip. Here is a pic of us at the Clifs. Feel free to use if you like and thank you for an awesome trip!!!!

Shelley Janke

Shelley Janke - Best of Ireland Tour (6 Night)...



Thank you so much for your help in planning our Ireland vacation. We had an amazing time and got to experience almost everything on the itinerary. The accommodations were superb, especially the hotel house in Killarney, and we all (especially my kids) enjoyed the Bunratty Castle dinner show. I would definitely recommend driving the Dingle Peninsula loop, as that was some of the most breathtaking scenery on this planet! This was by far the most amazing vacation we've experienced and I hope that we can return soon. I've attached some pictures, as requested, for the website. The first is my family at the Cliffs of Moher. The second is of me and my husband at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The last one is of my children at Powerscourt Gardens. Again, many thanks!

Melissa Blatt

Blatt Family, Dairy Lane, Lavalette, WV - Customized Self Drive Tours...


Hi Stephanie,
We are back home (well almost; we are waiting for our connection from Vancouver to Victoria). We enjoyed our trip to Ireland, especially the west coast. The first night was unfortunate but it didn't spoil our trip. Staying at Loch Lein and driving round the Dingle peninsula was probably our favourite. We found everyone very friendly. We love Ireland.
Cheers, Ann

Ann Kumar, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada - Best of Ireland Tour (8 Night)...



Our trip was absolutely wonderful. Your country is beautiful and the Irish so friendly. Love the Pubs and sing-a-longs.

Virginia Emison and Tamera Tielens

Virginia Emison, Memphis, USA - 8 Night Self Drive Tours...


Dear Debbie,

We were so lucky with the weather! Everywhere was so pretty with blue skies and sunshine. We enjoyed every minute. We explored Connemara and Kylemore Abbey from there. We then moved on to Killarney having looked at the Cliffs of Moher. We loved Killarney and found it full of life and would have liked another night there. Greta was a lovely host and it was very convenient for getting into town.

Dublin was slightly disappointing as it was quite dirty. We enjoyed the Hop on Hop off bus, the Guiness Museum and Trinity College and found the coach to Belfast convenient and comfortable.

We realised 6 nights wasn’t really enough and would probably return to the Killarney area if we returned. We loved the Dingle Peninsula but did not have time to see the Ring of Kerry.

All in all a good trip! Thank you.

Bob and Jean Allan

Jean Allan, Knysna, South Africa - Best of Ireland Tour (6 Night)...


Michael and Vivien Brown with
Glenys and Norman Crowther

What a great time we had, Tina. Everything went very well indeed and we had amazing weather. I am going to try and add some pictures here, hope it works..if not I will send them separately.

Kind regards, Vivien

Vivien Brown, Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada - Best of Ireland Tour (14 Night)...


Erin Chafe
Canadian Embassy

7 night Best of Ireland Tour

Hey Debbie!

Our trip was FANTASTIC!! We really enjoyed ourselves and had a blast visiting so many different spots on the island. It reminded us so much of home, it really was a treat!

I guess the only critique I have, a minor one at that, was the location of the b&b on the first night, outside of Cashel. It really wasn’t near anything. The owners were great and the house was cute (except for creepy dolls everywhere, but to each their own!) Also… definitely recommend both the GPS for driving and a tour of the Aran Islands.. I would even recommend a night on InishMor, since both Leon and I had probably the best time there! (even if it was by accident!)

Erin Chafe

Embassy of Canada / Ambassade du Canada

Erin Chafe, Canadian Embassy, Moscow, Russia - Best of Ireland Tour (7 Night)...


Douglas Lynch
Fenelon Falls

12 night 4 centre tour of Ireland

Hi Stephanie,
I apologize that it has taken so long to get back to you reference your enquiry about our vacation in Ireland from 13 August - 1 September 2014. You may recall that you had arranged the 12 day self guided tour accommodation for us etc etc. I sent you a report after our return but I will repeat that here. Please feel free to extract what you wish for advertisement purposes or whatever. I have also enclosed a few photos that you requested.

We had a simply wonderful vacation in your beautiful country and wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed the experience. The visit has made us want to do it all again in a few years. I want to thank you for the splendid accommodation arrangements you made for us over the twelve day tour. The variety gave us a good exposure to the cross section of places to stay and something we can make good use of in the future. The two major highlights of the vacation were the drive around the “Ring of Kerry” and Connemara including ‘The Bog Road”. We continually marvelled at the incredible scenery. Mother nature has blessed Ireland with some of the most fantastic landscapes using a palette of fresh and inviting colours. The warm and friendly reception from all we met was most pleasing and made us feel right at home.
Well, Stephanie, again thank you for your efforts in making our vacation a most memorable experience.

Douglas Lynch

Jean Kammermayer

Douglas Lynch, Ontario, Canada - 4 Centre Tour of Ireland (12 Night)...


Hi Debbie,

Sorry it took so long to get back to you. We've been busy w/ one thing after another since we returned home.

Thank you so much for arranging such a wonderful trip for us! All of the places we stayed were great, and the people were delightful. We fell in love with Ireland, and definitely want to come back and spend more time there.

Below are a few photos of our trip. Feel free to use any of them on your website, FaceBook, etc. Only one of them, I'm afraid, has both of us in it, as usually one of us was holding the camera :-)

Thanks again for everything.


David & Judith

Judith Lutz, Passedena, CA . USA - Best of Ireland Tour (8 Night)...


Hi Malclom,

We so enjoyed our trip to Ireland! Thank you for your help in making it possible.

Our favorite lodging was the Killeen House in Killarney! A must for any trip.

Your site suggestions were very helpful and allowed us to see sites we would have missed otherwise.

After this introduction to Ireland, we definitely want to return.


The Wells & O'Rourkes on Tour, Thomaston, GA, USA - Customized Self Drive Tours...


Dear Debbie

Thank you for all the arrangements and your efforts to make our visit to Ireland memorable. I just want to share some photos with you

After arriving in Ireland we went to the Hertz office to pick up the rental car. The staff was very helpful and at last we were on our way to the Hotel in Kilkenny. We arrived at about 16h00 and had a warm welcome. The ladies at reception made us feel very welcome. Our room was pretty and neat and clean and we had a good night’s sleep after the long flight and drive from the airport. Breakfast was great. Our waiter, Michael, (very friendly and helpful) even taught us how to say “hello “and “goodbye” in Irish. We left at about 11h00 and visited the Kilkenny Castle and gardens and explored the area.

After that we left for the Country House Hotel near Killarney. I do not have words to describe this charming, stunning and beautiful hotel. Everything was just perfect (it scores 10/10 with me). We got lost on the way and arrived late but we received a warm welcome and with such hospitality, it made us feel like royalty. Gerard made us feel at home and attended to our every need. Our host arranged for us to go on the Ring of Kerry trip and the scenery was absolutely stunning. We also got the opportunity to see the sheep dog demonstration and this is a must see for everyone taking the trip. We also stopped at the beach (unfortunately I cannot remember the name) and even ‘met” Charlie Chaplin.

After this stop over, we left for one of the highlights of our visit, The Cliffs of Mohr, whaohhhh, what an awesome experience this was, what an emotional moment when I first laid eyes on the cliffs, the beauty of it all, mother nature at one of her best (Thank you God for the eyes I have to see the beautiful things You have made)

We climed 166 steps to the top to O’ Brien’s Tower – what natural beauty………….amazing! We also did part of the Burran Way….. sjoe, what narrow pathways, my mom had more courage than me I think, but we did it anyway.

On the second day of our stay in Galway, we took the driving route through the Connemara Region. We saw Lough Corrib, the Twelve Pins Mountain. On our way to Clifden, we stopped at the beautiful Kylemore Abbey with its tranquil surroundings. Then we left for Roundstone Village where we enjoyed lunch and then headed back to the hotel.

Eventually we reached Dublin and returned the hired car. We covered a distance of almost 1400 km in the seven days we had the car.

In Dublin, we booked a trip to see the Giants Causeway, another highlight for me. We stopped at the Carrick-a-Rhede rope bridge and what an adrenalin experience it was to climb that bridge, but all worth it when you got to the other side.

Then came the best best, THE GIANTS CAUSEWAY. This was so exciting for me and I will treasure every moment I spent there

Even if we didn’t get to see everything that we would have liked to see, what we saw was enough to make us fall in love with Ireland for ever. Thank you for helping me and my brothers make our mom’s dream come true. Now we understand why Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle, it was like the green, green grass of home…………

Till next time Debbie……………… (there definitely will be a next time God willing). I will surely recommend Irish Tourism to anyone who intends to visit the beautiful Emerald Isle with its magnificent scenery.

Take care & God bless

Erika Fortuin

Erika Fortuin, Paarl, South Africa - Best of Ireland Tour (8 Night)...


Hi Malcolm

Thank you for the email and for the follow up. We had a really great time! Every B and B was superb and people were all very kind, friendly and helpful. Will definitely do this again. Thank you for all your help.

Please see attached.

Warm regards

Cathy and Richard Fry

Cathy Fry ,Johannesburg, South Africa - Self Drive Tours of Ireland...


Hi Tina! This has taken me forever to get back to you but here goes.

You and your coworkers were very, very helpful to me when I was planning our trip to Ireland on my own. The B & B vouchers were very easy to use, and we had no issues with them. I pre booked all of our stays in advance, and it was very easy to use the website to book all of the B&B's. Getting the extra car insurance was definitely worth it, even though we thankfully didn't need it. But after all the stories, I would say its worth it to get the extra coverage. We had an amazing time on our trip, and we can't thank you enough for helping us simplify it with the B & B vouchers, and having your help booking the car rental. Since this was our first trip that I was planning, I loved being able to have your help with booking the car rental to make sure I understood everything. (GPS is great!!) So thank you for all of your help!! We can't wait to plan another trip, and we would definitely go through your website again.

Thanks again! Trent & Kellie H. from Wisconsin, USA

Kellie & Trent Hagen, Sparta, Wisconsin - Open B&B Voucher Tour Reviews...